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About MEE

Mag’s Eco Earth Ltd. is presently comprised of 12 divisions. Some of the divisions have since started functioning as independent enterprises, while some divisions are about to take off upon pilot scale operations are over. Still there is other divisions’ preliminary assessment; market survey and technical feasibility of those are under way.

The divisions are:

1. Prawn Hatchery Division
2. Seed Division
3. Vegetable Division
4. Nursery Division
5. Orchid and Floriculture Division
6. Cattle Feed Division
7. Dairy Genetics, Pedigree Development, Embryo Culture and Sexed Semen Division
8. Integrated Dairy and Beverage Division
9. Brown Sugar, Date and Palmyra Syrup Division
10.  Mushroom Division
11.  Henna Products Division
12.  R&D, Tissue Culture, Bio-Technology and Gene Manipulation Division

Sl 1-4 are on going production units, 587 have started operation while the rest (8-11) are under feasibility studies. R&D Division is functioning since the beginning of the agri-division which presently is about houses tissue culture laboratory but advanced researches are presently undertaken by commissioned university research laboratories.

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